Understanding your future candidate’s social media risks in a few clicks

Avoid costly hiring mistakes:

  • Review future hires against your social media policy
  • Minimize risk and intervene early with ongoing safety-checking of key social media accounts
  • Save time and money reviewing video and text social media posts

RiskTorch provides an unmatched depth of analysis, ensuring your new hires not only meet but exceed your organizational standards.

Checking descriptions, transcripts and soon overlays & images on:

Brand safety for your organization

Empowering better decisions through thorough background checks & due-diligence.

  • One off vetting for new hires
  • For disciplinary and complaint investigations
  • For ongoing policy monitoring
  • Alerts in your dashboard

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Text & Spoken word

All the content at your fingertips

Easy to use

Made for everyone

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to compliment your existing procedures

A simple 3-stage process

Your Candidates Or key social accounts

Identify the candidates you wish to vet, or the key social media account of your brand ambassadors for ongoing monitoring.

Compare to your social media policy

Set up your review based on the key points from your employee social media policies.
Either as a one off or ongoing review with alerts.

Human triage dashboard

Manually review any flagged content that meets your policy’s criteria and take any appropriate decisions.

Why is RiskTorch needed?

Broad Risk Spectrum: From political biases to religious sentiments, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Solutions: Tailored analysis to suit your unique needs and concerns. We adapt to your specific requirements.

  • Changing world where quickly expressed opinions can have consequences
  • Unmonitorable at scale
  • Knowing allows better choices
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Previously unseen insights

Comprehensive analysis across text, hashtags, and the spoken word

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Safeguarding your reputation

Actively monitor and uphold your internal policies, staff handbook and values

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Pioneering tools

The exclusive tool equipped for all the major social video platforms


Frequently asked questions

What is RiskTorch?
RiskTorch is a cutting-edge tool designed to speed up reviewing social media profiles of job applicants against your company’s existing social media policy.
Can RiskTorch analyze video content on social media?
Yes, RiskTorch uses some of the most advanced AI tools to process long and short-form video posts, saving teams days or even weeks watching video content.
Is our data safe with RiskTorch?
Absolutely. Privacy and data security is foremost in everything we do. We adhere to global and regional standards (GDPR, CPRA, etc) with ISO 27001 hosted infrastructure located within the EU.
How quickly can we expect results after the profiles for analysis?
Efficiency is key for us. Typically, you can expect a comprehensive report within 48 hours (or quicker depending on your package)  of submitting profiles. It will depend on the depth, time or volume of content to be anlayzed.
How does RiskTorch maintain its accuracy?
Our tool combines advanced AI technology with continuous updates to stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring accurate and up-to-date analysis.
How does RiskTorch benefit firms like ours?
Most businesses have a social media policy in place for a reason. RiskTorch gives peace of mind that policy is upheld, minimising the risk and alerting potential issues early so they can be addressed. 
What kind of risks can RiskTorch identify?
RiskTorch is designed to reflect your business’ social media policy. Typically those can restrict mentions of competitors, trade or operational secrets, clients, naming staff, certain social or political engagement, hate speech or non-inclusive content. In some cases where c-suite personnel are required to use their own social media accounts, RiskTorch can provide useful oversight when corrective actions are needed.
How can RiskTorch integrate with our current HR or other internal systems?
RiskTorch is designed for easy integration with your existing processes and systems. Our customer success team is on hand to make that happen for you.
Can we customize the parameters of the analysis?
Yes, we offer bespoke solutions. If you have specific requirements or concerns, RiskTorch can be tailored to suit your needs.
How do we get started?
Press the “Get Started” button or contact the dedicated customer service team, and we’ll guide you through the easy onboarding process.

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